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Tag filtering is here Don’t see what you don’t wanna see. In our ongoing effort to help you all determine your own experience here on Tumblr, we’re launching.

Hidden in Tumblr’s bottomless trove of illustrated quotations, posts debunking falsely attributed illustrated quotations, pornography and obsessively composed photos of huckleberry muffins, is a blog written by a twelve-year-old from.

But on the spectrum from “obviously doomed” (NewsCorp/MySpace) to “obviously sensible” (Google/YouTube), I’d put Yahoo/Tumblr well within the “sensible” half. Which is rare enough to be noteworthy.

According to Business Insider, “Unlike networks that encourage quick messaging and brief glances at the feed, Tumblr’s emphasis on multimedia blog posts.

That’s where Tumblr comes in. It’s what Goldilocks would call, "just right." It’s not a full-blown blog and it’s not a one-sentence message service. It is, as Steve Rubel noted last week, a "hybrid," a platform that is ".a social network.

How to Delete a Blog on Tumblr. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete a blog from your account on the Tumblr website. You can’t use the mobile app to delete a blog.

So you can imagine my horror upon seeing this same concept being celebrated by the suddenly-huge Respectful Rappers Tumblr. Respectful Rappers has. It’s not really shocking that the blog’s creators, Bob Vulfov and Eli.

I am Amitabh Bachchan. DAY 3558. Jalsa, Mumbai Dec 21/22, 2017 Thu/Fri 1:04 am

Take a minute to scroll through the emoji spells and tarot card selfies on Instagram and Tumblr‘s #witch tags. Glance at blogs like those of 21-year-old Maddie, a “solitary Christian witch” from Utah, or 26-year-old A.J., who sells.

The popular and fast-growing blog service is mulling a $1.1 billion acquisition offer from Yahoo. But while the massive blogging powerhouse only pulled in $13 million in revenue in 2012, and raised $125 million at a lower $800 million.

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You can monetize both Blogger and Tumblr blogs through ads, sponsored posts, guest blogging and YouTube videos. Sponsored posts typically involve a company sending you a free product and asking that you use the product and.

Our Instagram Husband team made a new video, this time it’s an app that helps you decipher your mom’s crazy texts. It’s called Mom Text Decoder, and we even.

The Official Tumblr Blog of Comedy Central. Go ahead, laugh in our face.

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Rainy day remedy. Festival friend. One-of-a-kind hand-me-down. Whatever your Barbour means to you, it’s how you wear it that makes it your own. Celebrating the style.

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Is Tumblr the most expressive social platform? Founder and CEO David Karp reckons so. He says Tumblr is the place where people can reveal their true identity and creativity. And while he admits that other sites like Facebook and.

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Tumblr, founded in 2007, grew rapidly to become a hub for young people to post pictures and text. The platform has almost 380 million blogs.

Update: Corrupted data, not a hack, is behind the bizarre posts that are popping up on Tumblr, or so claims the blogging site. "Earlier this morning, an infrastructure failure lasting roughly 15 minutes led posts created in this.

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Here’s a surprise: Though unscientific, a small survey by Y Combinator partner Garry Tan shows that Tumblr, a light-blogging service, is in fact more popular than Facebook among teens and young adults. Among teenagers, about 61%.

Microblogging platform and lazy book deal factory Tumblr introduced a "feature" yesterday called Tumblarity, a single convenient number that lets users know exactly how many terrible blogs are better than theirs. According to their.

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It seems that the policies that governed Safe Mode were rather too broad, and they were being automatically applied by Tumblr’s algorithms. In a blog post the company explains that blogs that were considered to deal with explicit.

A SOFTWARE "worm" evidently unleashed by hackers burrowed through Tumblr on Monday, defacing pages at the popular blogging platform with a vitriolic, expletive-laden message. A hacker group going by the acronym.

“Well I️ made the album before 30. I️ JUST AINT PUT THAT BITCH OUT!” -quotes from an interview I️ haven’t given haha. link