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A new line of hair-dye products called Betty Beauty has generated a fair amount of attention during its two years on the market, with mentions in magazines like People, Vogue, Allure and O: The Oprah Magazine. (Vanity Fair called it a.

Who knows what could happen… I’ve thought about doing a pictorial hair montage on my blog of all my past hairstyles. I’ve had so many different hairstyles. You would laugh if you saw all my experiments. I think one of my more.

Actor Matthew McConaughey only cuts his hair when it’s a full moon – in order to preserve his luscious locks. The “Magic Mike” hunk started losing his hair in the late 1990s and began Regenix on his scalp to stave off baldness.

PARIS — Hair, as the song from the musical goes, can be “long, straight, curly, fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy.” It also can be “shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen, knotted, polka-dotted, twisted, beaded.

Five-year-old Adriel Arocha wears his hair long, in the tradition of his Apache father. The Needville school board, however, has decided that he will have to cut it to comply with school hair codes if he attends school there this fall. Adriel’s.

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Ever feel like it’s just time to change your ‘do? Lately, I’ve been so sick of the mildly-different-variations-on-the-same-haircut that I’ve been rocking for the last five years. I’m not ever going to rock a Holmes-bob and it looks like the Kate.

Haircare, Lifestyle and Beauty Inside & Out. Good morning Loves, It’s currently 5:43am and I’m sitting in our living room preparing this blog post.

The holidays are officially upon us! Check the following inventory of seasonal must-haves to make sure you’re ready for the season in style.

Welcome to our first in our series of blogs post from our expert team at Brown Sugar. Our fab team of Kohl Cosmetics‘ make-up artists at Brown Sugar Hair & Beauty.

What I want to know is whether amino acids produced from human hair were used to process the flour that went. NB – Look familiar? This blog is made from 100% recycled material from Justin’s 2007 Ethical Man series – keeping it ethical.

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Choosing the right hair color can be downright overwhelming! Check out this article to learn how to use a hair color chart to your advantage today.

A federal appeals court has struck down an Indiana school district’s policy requiring short hair for boys on the basketball team, ruling that the lack of a similar policy for girls’-team basketball players results in illegal sex discrimination. A.

Dodd says his white hair is the product of his experience. DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) – According to a new campaign ad out Wednesday in Iowa, it’s due in part to his 26 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The.

This blog accompanies the Natural Hair Forum UK. I started this blog about two years ago after I stopped using chemical relaxers. I wanted to create a space where we.

The acclaimed award winning natural hair, skincare, beauty and lifestyle blog that celebrates women all shades of beautiful. Afrobella covers everything from product.

For most of us who are really, really into healthy hair– hair growth is definitely a goal. It may not be the number one priority, but it’s up there.

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Playoffs: the wonderful time of year where men let their facial hair run rampant in a show of unity; not so much with their team, as with the game itself. We are all hockey players, and this is something we do. But beyond that, players.

Learn how to regrow hair naturally. Information about hair loss causes and natural hair loss treatments. Tips for fast hair regrowth.

Michelle Obama, who yesterday claimed that her husband has quit smoking, now claims that he doesn’t dye his hair to get rid of gray. Rachel Rose Hartman of The Ticket blog writes: First Lady Michelle Obama addressed recent.

I know… cowlicks can be a big pain. But rest assured, there are some simple steps to managing those pesky cowlicks to give you the hair style you want!

Karen Sani had always wanted hair extensions. A busy mom of two, the Saratoga resident found herself cutting her hair short so that she wouldn’t have to tend to it as much. But she missed her tresses. “I’d done a lot of research on.

Accompanied by a hand-written inscription, hair pictures are fascinating mementos. Some of the most common Victorian Valentines featured the symbolic lover’s rose or a bouquet of forget-me-not flowers to remember the dead made from.

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The Procter & Gamble Company PG recently introduced the Advanced Thinning range from its brand, Nioxin. The new product not only addresses the problem of thinning hair but also helps in re-growth of hair. P&G’s Nioxin has been.

The Ontario Court of Appeal overturns the cocaine-related convictions of Toronto mom Tamara Broomfield after expert evidence questions the reliability of Motherisk’s hair tests. Broomfield was convicted in 2009 of feeding her toddler.

This is my very first post. I’m excited to share my research and personal journey as I grow my real hair, and Real Hair Smoothie. Visit

Face and body hair has to be one of the most annoying things to deal with – no matter how many times you get rid of it, it just keeps coming back!

Summer 2009 Wedding Updos. January 13, 2010 at 5:26 am For you upcoming brides, and grads, here are a few pictures of my favorite updos I did this past.

Still, he may be the first candidate to receive two “undorsements” that mention, as one of his flaws, that his hair is too good. First came the Concord Monitor: If you were building a Republican presidential candidate from a kit, imagine.

What is it about rock stars and their hair? Since the Strokes burst onto the scene in 2001, reinvigorating rock ’n’ roll with an injection of garage rawness, they’ve spawned as many imitators of their style as of their sound. (Their new album.

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She officially became the idol of young girls everywhere, who ran to salons to get.

Check out this quick video and find out how to make a hair mask that will leave your hair touchably soft and smooth. This simple DIY hair mask recipe combines